Laggy physics with hingeconstraint

Hi! For some reason the physics of my wipeout sweeper minigame are pretty laggy… I think that it has something to do with that it’s networkownership is on the server, but I can’t set it the networkownership all players participating in that game, right?
I’m using a hingeconstraint with a motor.

If you know how I could fix this, please let me know! :slight_smile:


Consider using a Motor6D instead of a hingeconstraint, or using :SetNetworkOwner(“nil”) to force the part’s network ownership to the server so it doesn’t jump between players as it spins.

If it’s unanchored the network ownership will be set to the player it last touched, as such you should set network ownership to nil (to the server) in a constant while true do loop or Stepped/HeartBleed loop (from RunService).

Thank you for the reply. I’ve added a script to the red spinning part with a loop in it which sets the networkownership to nil as you said. I get this error though:
Network Ownership API cannot be called on Anchored parts or parts welded to Anchored parts.

The red part itself isn’t anchored, but the part in which the Motor HingeConstraint is, which it is indirectly anchored to… How can I fix that?

same issue with constraints its response to scripts is delayed
and i get the same error as Pieter is getting