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Lakeview Middle School is a community in the Roblox Platform, we have over 1000+ members and host sessions Monday-Friday. In order to make Lakeview an active and wonderful place to everyone, we are looking/accepting affiliates. Below are the requirements, frequently asked questions, and how to contact us if interested in an alliance.


We are accepting affiliates all the time, unless told otherwise, but Lakeview Middle School does have some requirements.


-Must have 500+ members.

-Must be active, we want active affiliates.

-Must be eligible to post/announce Lakeview Events when we tell you.

-Must have a minimum of 2 representatives.


In order for an affiliate to form, an application is required. Please open up “Questions” in order to view our questions.

  1. What is the name of your group?

  2. How many members does your group have?

  3. Why do you want to affiliate with us?

  4. How will the alliance be beneficial?

  5. Do you agree that we can terminate the alliance whenever?

(The more detailed, the better!)

Ending Information
Please answer all the questions in a google document, once you are finished submit it in the communications server, which is found in the group.

Roblox Group:!/abou

Thank you!

Lakeview Middle School - Owner

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