Land Beyond - Update Log

This is the land beyond update log. Get the information about updates here!

Ocean Exploration Patch
  • Fixed pirates having a chance to summon skeletons when they die and also pirates disappearing when it is day time
  • Made it so then ocean structures (such as pirate ships) now are marked on the map with a wave emoji
  • Made it so then the object break time was decreased from (1-0.5) to (0.25)
  • Buffed pirate ships speed (20 - 40) and fixed a bug where speed wasn’t set properly
Ocean Exploration Update
  • Added pirates along with naturally spawning pirate ships
  • Added a lot of new items such as new fish, a cutlass, and a fishing rod
  • Added new boss (Blackbeard)
  • Disabled red dragon boss from spawning naturally temporarily
  • Nerfed the bow and spears durability by 50
  • Made it so then you have to craft arrows for the bow
  • Made it so then you only drain stamina while walking if you took damage recently
  • Fixed a lot of bugs

Lost Winter Update

Update Log
  • Added winter biome
  • Made it so then you can fill up the wooden cup while it is raining
  • Added a leveling system (to gain a level you need to defeat a boss)
  • Made it so then the pirate ship takes longer before you can fight again (2 minutes → 5 minutes)
  • Made it so then npcs float in the water by being pushed up so they are not standing in the bottom of the ocean
  • Decreased chances of bigfoot and the yeti spawning
  • Made it so then randomly spawning bosses can only spawn once every 20 minutes (2 in-game days)
  • Made it so then only hostile npcs can destroy objects
  • Added new tool set (frost weapons) crafted with ice
  • Added mammoths and other npcs
  • Allowed dragons to spawn again
  • Fixed bugs

Small optimization update

Update Log
  • Optimized the game some
  • Removed randomized keybinds from breaking objects