LandofLee1620 | 2D Artist

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About Me

Hi, I’m LandofLee :happy1: I’m a passionate developer who specializes in 2D art and I also do a bit of building on the side. Usually you can find me drawing :tongue: or working on improving my game Candy Collectors. I’ve been a developer on Roblox since 2019 and have been a player since 2018 on a different account



Middle-Eastern Build

Water Mill

*Trees not created by me

Candy Collectors


Roblox Art

I call him the Flaming Marshmallow

I call him the Diminished Dev





(These are just a few commissions I’ve done)
Commission for @KavasDev

Commission for @The5ystem

commission for @DevNetCheese

commission for @mvlodic

commission for @Disparrel



Just ask and I’ll let you know. Generally I’m available


Profile pictures: 100 - 300 Robux
Icons: 100 - 250 Robux
Group Logos: 100 - 250 Robux
Thumbnails: 250 - 400 Robux
Logos: 20 - 80 Robux

Small builds: 80 - 200 Robux
Medium builds: 200 - 400 Robux
Large builds: 400 - 800 Robux


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum if you have any questions

updated 8/29/20

Awesome arts! Would you consider making me a logo named Sparklez Studio?

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I’d love to! DM me on the forum and we can talk more

add me on discord i want to talk with you my disocrd is: Orinthian Playz#4556

100% the best person I have work with on the art part. I hope you get hired soon.

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Amazing work. 10/10 recommend.

I really like your artwork it looks very unique and clean. :blush:

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Keep up the good work! You made me and my group some awesome GFX! (People that see this I recommend you going to her for GFX she is really good.)

100% vouch for Lee. She responded to me in minutes, and was very friendly! All for free!

100% recommend

I really like your style of art it’s really cool!


Hi! Can you make an avatar drawing like that, but the avatar is a smiling British Guard. (A red coat, like this one.)

Thank you very much!

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Totally recommend @LandofLee1620, very nice and an amazing person to work with!

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Very interested, going to send you a message!

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Alright, my time to say something.
I was a completly noob at Digital Art,0%, I sucked.
I asked LandofLee if she could teach me how to do Digital Arts, and now… I am a very talented person,
She spent a lot of her time, she had to wake up at 7 am bec of my timezone, she made awesome Arts so fast, she is fantastic.

She did a lot of things to me and I’m succesfull thanks to her.
Her art is amazing, her teaching is 10/10, the prices, are WOW-
There are people that are not as good as her and they ask a lot, she is so talented and I’m very proud I’ve met her.


I can recommend @LandofLee1620 to anyone who is in need of free art (or builds). Her work was outstanding and she provided it within a week. The order was quite large. Amazing service, would recommend you order from @LandofLee1620.

This guy has said facts right here :joy:

Hi, If you are free could you make art for my sister acedgirl32.
If you need to contact me my gmail is and my Main Roblox account is DareDaniel0.
I will pay you 100 Robux for the art and Will happily recommend you.
I will cover the tax and will pay you through gamepasses or t-shirts (Your Choice)
If you do this please make it before July 25th.


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Forgot to say if you make one for my sister (acedgirl32) could you make the art style like the art you made for @DevNetCheese.


I DMed you on the forum. We can discuss more there

It’s best to DM someone your email, rather than making it public.

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