Lands of Eyzira - Progress Update #1



Welcome, new and existing followers alike! This is the inaugural post for Lands of Eyzira (Eyzira is said “Ey-Zur-Uh”). I am resetting the count of progress reports because this is the first location in which they will be consistently posted, and starting on #8 or so isn’t particularly the best idea.

Since this post is the initial progress report for development milestones, I will also have some generalized information about these posts here: If you’re new to the forums, any other forum threads that have a link to this one will be listed under this text. That should make it easier to navigate to other reports. You can also check out my forum profile. Additionally, all of my threads will be made by me and will have the landsofeyzira tag on them. With that out of the way, let’s get this report going.

The latest update was pushed on 3 December 2017. I have finished most of the work on the terrain. There are still two main locations that are incomplete, but they are not placed in a key location that requires close attention. Since those can safely be put off for the time being, new chances for work on other portions of the game really start coming into view.

As mentioned beforehand on the official Lands of Eyzira group, I have the entire map planned out and a full system plan ready to go. I’m aware that I have delayed the release quite a lot through my time of development, I’m sure most of you can agree with me when I say a delay is better than rushing it so that it can get out on time. With the closer details on the actual map itself (rather than terrain) beginning from this point forward, I expect development speed to remain fairly quick. Unfortunately, since it’s my senior year of high school, I will have a lot of downtime between here and late May of 2018. Other than that, work should continue.

If anything, I assume that the whole sense of hype has died down considerably from the game’s initial announcement, though I can fully understand. Patience is key, especially if patience means the game you’re playing is actually done before it’s released. Unfortunately this post doesn’t have much of a “Hey, this part got done”. Those kinds of things will start appearing later on when the game is more sound on what’s exactly happening.

The next progress report should be here within the next week (ideally). See you then.