Lands of Eyzira - Progress Update #9

Hi everyone! Progress Update #9 is a bit overdue (Nearly a year!.. Eesh. A year. Nasty) but I’ve got a lot for you all to catch up on. This one’s mainly aimed at the people who do not have access to or have not joined the Discord (If you are 13+, you can see this on the Lands of Eyzira group page).


Release could be close? I dunno. I’ve reached the top of one of those cliffs of development but there’s still a few of those ahead.

The New Stuff

Custom pause menu + GUI style overhaul

The pause menu for Eyzira is nearing its completion. The pause menu here is entirely custom and allows you to fully access all game features. It’s using some really fancy bells and whistles you don’t see in many games including rich text (colored text, huge kudos to Defaultio for this one) and custom fonts.

Here’s the current model, to be improved:

n.b. the Roblox pause menu can not be overridden. Assuming nothing changes, you will open this custom menu with the ~ key.


Sorry. This one’s secret! Let’s just say “The game’s storyline is a lot closer to completion than you might think.” More on this SoonTM. This will probably get leaks around launch. A lot of work has been put into lore.

The Systems

Eyzira’s backend systems are looking pretty good. This system is all of the scripts running the game and making the gears turn. It’s where basically 100% of my work as of late has gone. It is the most important part of the game since it’s what allows the world to work in the first place. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly possible to show off how a system works if it doesn’t tie into any visuals. Let’s just say “Eyzira’s core systems are being refined and perfected, and are near completion”. The only thing left to do is actually put stuff in that implements this code, e.g. NPCs, weapons, gear, etc.

The Inevitable Hiatus

Sorry guys! Like what comes up every year or so, something knocks development of this game off track. Right now, I’m an official developer for a game called Procelio (Can’t link it due to forum rules, you’ll just need to google it). Really neat game, but it requires my attention. Eyzira is still getting worked on in my spare time. A lot of time has still gone into Eyzira but Procelio requires attention as a higher priority since it’s a production-level game.

That concludes Progress Update #9! Again, it’s another case where there has been a good score of work getting done, but most of it isn’t something that I can exactly show off.

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