Large chunks of terrain not visible for a second with streaming enabled

Looks like this is a common issue with terrain heavy games
I’ve experienced this on multiple games by now
Such as Fantastic Frontier, I think that it depends on how fast you PC can render but I’m not sure

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I’m being told that it has stopped happening, so I think that change indeed caused it.

Happens in my game too! It’s just terrain water!

“ some reason, when its the flood time, the water kinda just disappears and reappears when you move your mouse around”

“ alot of people have been getting that issue i think”

Here’s some facts!

  • Was only happening in VIP servers, now happens in all servers (implies some flag was flipped on replication and is a server client issue with streaming)
  • streaming is enabled
  • it’s rendering only, apparently, according to my players (did not verify)
  • based upon position of mouse according to players
  • started happening in Wednesday
  • easiest to reproduce in a VIP server

In terms of frequency:
“ in public servers in on and off, vip its always there and magnified aswell”

Here’s the game:

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