Large parts shifting location when rotated

Hi all. I’m new here so sorry if this isn’t under the right category or I haven’t done something right.

Anyway,It has come to my attention, and others, that meshparts seem to shift location if they’re rotated at any angle other than 0,0,0. This shifting only occurs when you play the game from the website, and doesn’t happen when you test your game in studio. I’m aware that meshparts are new to ROBLOX, and there could be bugs with them.

The image below (marked “A”) shows the brickshifitng in the game via using the play button on the website.
The next image (marked “B”) shows no brickshifting when testing in studio.

I’m a bit confused and not sure what’s going on here.


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Off-topic but… nice runway!

Heres mine (lacking a number still since I don’t know the final heading of the runway)

Nice work. Do those PAPI lights actually work?

Not yet, but will. I’m working on functional cockpits while Weeve is working on a belieavable flightmodel

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I don’t see any difference between A and B.


One part is slightly higher than the other, it wasn’t obvious at all. @CharlieIsCookie please explain it better next time ^.^

Can you send me the repro place for this?

What’s the best way of sending it to you?

Look closely.

also @CharlieIsCookie:

You can drag+drop your studio file into the discourse message box to upload.

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It’s not just meshparts anymore it’s everything on the map so this leads me to believe it is a setting. Any ideas anyone?

Is it a team create place? If so, I’m pretty sure there’s a team create bug that moves everything slightly, randomly.

No I haven’t been using team create at all. I just tried another game and rotated it and it did the same thing. The strange thing is, the brick shifting never happens in studio, only via the website using ROBLOX player. It only really happens on big bricks.

If you rotate a big brick to say 80 degrees, it will shift, but if you have a small brick at the same angle, there is less of a chance of it shifting.

Strange. I really need whatever this is to be solved. Need to get the BETA version of my game out. :|||

Rotated these baseplate size bricks @70 degrees and they did this…

This hasn’t gained any traction and I haven’t figured out how to fix it yet, so I’m bumping it instead of creating the same topic for a second time.

I’m still getting the issue on ROBLOX player where if a large part is rotated (like the runway in the original post), it shifts location when you play the game on ROBLOX player - but it 100% fine in ROBLOX studio.

Thanks if we can get this sorted or gain any knowledge into this issue.

This is more of a client bug as it’s in ROBLOX studio. Moving to that category.

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