Large-Scale Terrain Region Plugin

Introducing the …

Large-Scale Terrain Region plugin!

… a plugin that allows you to manipulate terrain with unlimited selection size!


  • Unlimited selection size
  • Copy/paste regions between places
  • Move regions
  • Rotate regions
  • Fill regions of unlimited size
  • Undo history includes selection changes
  • Auto-select all contiguous terrain
  • Inflate / Deflate terrain (dilate and erode)

Note: some functions still have size limits due to internal terrain limits. The fill function is truly unlimited though.

Plugin Link:

Here’s how it looks:

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • F to focus on selection
  • R to rotate selection
  • Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V work for copying and pasting terrain (usually)
  • Click in-place to deselect
  • Delete key to delete selected terrain

Unlimited selection size video example:

Move/Rotate video example:

Expand selection to fit a contiguous island of terrain:

How to copy between places:

  • Select a region and press Copy (or Copy All)
  • Copy “CopiedTerrainRegion” from ServerStorage and paste it in the other place
  • Press the Paste button on the plugin
  • Drag the selection wherever you want
  • Press paste again to actually paste

Explicitly enter a selection size:

Undo history includes your selections too:

Inflate (dilate) and Deflate (erode) a selected region:

And it’s free!
I hope you find this plugin very liberating.


Very nice initiative! I wished Roblox had these features built-in.


Man, do you know how you just save my time?

Awesome plugin, I’ve been looking for something like this for so long. I wish you can make the UI a little bit better


Updated the plugin.
Fixed a bug that created a big white box after pressing stop.

nice! this will help me so much for my games.