Largely Increased Number of Corrupt Unions, Solutions?

I’ve noticed lately that there has been a significant increase in the amount of corrupt unions I’m getting. As of right now no less than 5 different unions that have been fine for a few days have corrupted and disappear upon separating. This has set me back at least an hour to have to go back and re-create all of these.

After leaving Studio last night and coming on this afternoon, I noticed a large number of unions had gone transparent. This happens when attempting to separate any of the unions that have become corrupted.

This started occurring yesterday (July 6th 2020)

(While I am running a Beta currently, I can confirm this same issue is occuring on macOS Catalina 10.15.5 as well)

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? And does anyone have any possible solutions to prevent this from happening.


I did once. I’m sorry, but there is no way that I know of to recover these unions. You’ll have to redo them.

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Outside of reverting the place to a previous version, copying over the unions from there into a baseplate, and putting them into the current version of your place, I do not know of any ways to realistically reverse most union corruption. If you need the union back desperately and are willing to spend a large quantity of time to recover it, look at this thread for more information.

In future, I would personally recommend exporting unions to an OBJ and re-importing them as meshes when you are done. Although without additional work within Blender or another 3D modeling software this will not improve performance, this will at a bare minimum prevent corruption, as meshes do not exhibit this issue.


MacOS Big Sur is on beta, this is because of your operating system and the risk you took by understanding it’s a beta and not everything is optimized for it yet when you upgraded to it. Corruptions are a thing that happens to everyone, regardless in this problem is due to your OS since studio is not yet made for Big Sur, thus you will get more corruptions using it.

As you can see in the following post, other people have been having different problems using Big Sur:

Are you facing the same problem in Catalina using the same device? I use catalina and it’s perfectly fine, if anything it should be your cache on studio or the place you’re developing in.

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This is not a result of the Beta, I still experience this issue on Catalina as I said in my original post.

(I’m running both Operating Systems on this device, I have a boot partition for both)

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Then it’s your device, I’m running 10.15.5 (Catalina) completely fine, if you continue facing this problem, try clearing up your Studio cache or re-installing it as this is your device’s fault and not the OS