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Hello! So, I have been making a game, and I wanted to know how to add large/pro servers to my game. If you have played the game “Epic Minigames” you would know that there is an option to enter large servers and there is also a “pro” server option available to people above level 25 or people who own the Gamepass for it. How would I achieve this? Would it be using a separate game and teleporting the player to the game? The only problem with this is that I don’t know how to make the game private to anyone browsing the Roblox app, and only be able to be used when the player actually teleports to it (just so that I can limit the server to only the people who have bought the Gamepass and/or are a certain level.) Does anybody have and ideas? Thank you in advance! :smiley:

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You can make multiple places within a game, just go to Configure Game and go to ‘Places’. Under places, go to ‘Other Places’ then press ‘Add Place’. You can use the teleport service to teleport players there.

Yes, that came into my mind as well, but I wanted the new server to have less/more player capacity. If I made a new place, would I still be able to change the player capacity?
Thank you!

Yes. You can also change these settings in studio.

Oh ok thank you! One last question, when I duplicate my current place into this new place, everything (except for the server size) should stay the same right? Would I need to make any script changes? Also, if a player is inside of a “pro” server, would their friend be able to join straight into their server or would it teleport the friend to the actual starting place?

As long as you keep the other settings the same, there shouldn’t be any problems.

It depends if your scripts involve a certain amount of players.

This is a good question. I believe I have seen an error message saying something like “illegal teleportation” when joining a friend (they were not in the starting place of the game), but only once. Another time when I joined them (again, they were not in the starting place of the game) it had taken me directly to the place they were in. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but I would assume that it is some sort of setting. Otherwise, you would have to make a script that kicks the player out if they don’t have access to the “Pro” server.

Ok thank you! I don’t know very much about places and that’s why I just needed to know one last thing. When a player teleports to a different place inside your game, is it basically like opening up a new server or is it more of a branch inside of the same server?

I’m pretty sure it is a whole new server. It doesn’t show up in the Servers tab of your game, though.

Ok, that really helped! Thanks a lot :smiley:

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