Largo - 3D Modeler, Builder, Texture Artist

[ About ]

Hello! I’m Largo. I’ve been on the ROBLOX platform for over 13 years. I’m a Game Art major down at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.

I’ve been missing ROBLOX and have been hoping to start doing modeling and building work again. Although I don’t have a lot of ROBLOX builds, I do have experience using Studio, as well as software like Maya, Blender, Substance Painter, Photoshop, etc. I hope you take a chance on me! My specialty lays in low poly modeling, so if you need any projects that require low poly building styles, I’m your guy :slight_smile:

[ Showcase ]

Outside of ROBLOX, I’m currently doing modeling work on a homebrew demake of Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo DS. The game works on original hardware and can be played on an emulator (preferably MelonDS). The challenge of this project is that only 4096 tris can be loaded at once, so you’re forced to figure out how to keep as much detail with as little tris as possible. It’s always a fun challenge!

SMGDS Demo Screenshots



Due to college and a lack of interest in the platform, I sadly don’t have a lot of ROBLOX builds to show off. The last build photo I have is from 2022, from my project “Largo’s Locale”. This was before I even knew the basics of 3D Modeling.

Roblox Builds

model showcase

Finally, some hobbyist 3D models I do in my personal time!

Hobbyist Work


[ Availability ]

I’m available all days of the week! I’m currently looking for work in real life, and modeling work on my other project can get very slow, as we all have real lives. Since I am on summer break, I’m free for work practically 24/7!

[ Payment ]

Prices are negotiable, I am fine with taking payment in :robux:Robux or :dollar:USD!

[ Contact ]

You can contact me on Twitter or at Alternatively the DevForum works!

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