Las Alturas Realistic Forest

I’m currently working on Coral City as a main project with a dev named st0ke, but as a side project I’m also developing my own open world game with it’s own aesthetic. Here are some screenshots of the forest I’ve completed so far.

All these screenshots were taken inside of roblox. I hope you like it!


gets blinded by light

It looks great! But do you think it could cause lag for players with less powerful computers?

I believe future is bright will disable or significantly decrease in quality if the user’s graphics settings are set to lower

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Nice textures!

Do you mind me asking where you got them from?

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Free models :stuck_out_tongue:
Except for the plant with all the individual leaves seen in some pictures. That one I imported myself and set as a free model. It’s in my inventory.


I minimized asset URL requests and optimized each of the meshes. It shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile: The game’s extremely well optimized - it has to be to operate on the scale I plan to make it operate on.


How did you go about optimizing stuff like that?

I’m not familiar with techniques used to minimize asset requests and such - I’d be really interested to learn!

What I did was I used only 2 meshes per tree. The meshes are FileMeshes (not mesh parts) and have an anchored, no collide part as their parent. All the leaves are 1 decal per tree that’s been mapped out all around that tree to spread the image. I also was really lightweight on collisions, using a brick with a filemesh in it as the trunk and its collision. I don’t think it gets much more optimized than that!

Also, I used a ParticleEmitter to drop leaves (roblox engine manages those so too many can’t exist at once) and the terrain material that includes leaves on the ground so ground foliage is built into the terrain with specular maps. That’ll also become LOD when the player’s far away. So will the file meshes :stuck_out_tongue:

One last thing, all the meshes were decimated & solidified in Blender before they were imported. Some of the larger meshes were scaled down so they weren’t so heavy on the render engine :slight_smile: