Laser Gun Client Kill?

I keep seeing these obbies have a laser gun gamepass. They basically kill another player when you shoot the laser gun at them. But the laser gun is client sided and so the other player doesn’t actually die but the person shooting the gun sees the other person fading away

So how can I make the laser gun do that?


You can replicate this to the server using a RemoteEvent. This helps communication from the client to the server side.


i still need help with this can anybody help me please? ive failed miserably 4 times now lol

You have to make the server create the bullet and make the server detect hits (whether with a client-sided hitbox and a RemoteEvent or with a server-sided one), then make the target vanish on the server (or, if you’d like to optimize it, fire all clients to fade out the character) and then destroy.

For that, you’d need to use a RemoteEvent to tell the server where the client fired.