Laser gun convert to FE [Reward]

I’m deperately need this gun to convert to FE and here is why.

You can see different Gun Type like it said Single, Burst, Shotgun and Auto. within highlight

So i can easily duplicate weapons and change different gun types.

I tried to add something like this
game.ReplicatedStorage.LaserDamage:FireServer() < mouse, hit, LaserShoot?


I dunno which right order to copy/paste there.

I drop below the link, IF YOU WANT TO HELP FOR EARN, reply as you say ‘Working on it’ So I’ll know who reply earliest to check out.


DM anytime

This is the wrong category, if you’re looking to pay someone to do something look in #public-collaboration:public-recruitment


My mistake :upside_down_face:

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Server-siding the gun requires you to check these points:

  • Rate of fire
  • Creating the projectiles
  • Damage values
  • Projectile accuracy

Here’s a module I found on the forum that is very useful.

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