L'assemblée looking for a scripter

Hello! I’m looking for a scripter for a game based on American Horror Story: Coven. The group isn’t mine, rather I’m an informant if you will. The scripts required are, I assume, relatively easy. Scripts include a ragdoll system, spells, potions, etc. More details will be given once you speak to the owner if you’re interested and if it’s alright with everyone reading this, I’d also like you to add how you’d be paid. Meaning some prefer money and some prefer robux. Thank you!

Im intrested but you have to give more info,
Add me on discord :- Pyrospacepride#6684
Or roblox - pirospacepride1
ill also like if there was a pre pay so that ill be more Intrested and it will not be like i script the game and then i get nothing because the game didnt do good.

I’ll text you on discord but I don’t think there will be a prepay, I don’t think she’s looking for a long term scripter but rather multiple scripters and pays each one as soon as a task is done

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my user is blissful_sins on disc not hadoush btw

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