Lasso selection option

You know in those fancy schmancy (not really) art programs? Yeah, like ms paint (lol)

They have this lasso tool where it lets you select from a shape you draw out instead of the selection box rectangle. Yeah, that thing. Let’s add that to studio. Right now, us builders are limited to that rectangle box, and that thing really rustles my jimmies when I have to deselect lods of parts or models or squares or triangles, etc, or work around that and group literally every single part to a certain medium so I can work in a certain manner that’s time-efficient.


  • It lets you select things more freely
    -Gets rid of the hassle you’d spend deselecting stuff if you selected from a large map bit
    -Makes it so you don’t need to group every little model to make building easier
    -Literally no cons to adding this other than the effort required to put it into studio

You know code wise I suspect that the rectangles are a lot more efficient.

Then again I suspect they could fragment it and use the rectangles again…

Either way full support from me.