Last Light - A new post-apocalyptic, open world survival game

Hello, I’m Elite, I know haven’t posted a lot recently or at all as of recently. Although, as of today, I would like to announce my game that is currently in the works, Last Light.

Last Light is post-apocalyptic open-world survival game inspired by Dying Light 2 and The Last of Us.

About the Game

Based in a fictional European City called Jirolan, players are plunged in a post-apocalyptic urban landscape where they are tasked with honing their survival skills. Featuring exciting parkour mechanics that enable players to navigate the cityscape with grace and accuracy.

When navigating the post-apocalyptic world, players can use parkour skills to overcome obstacles, reach hidden areas, and outmaneuver adversaries. Players face not only the challenges of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world but also the relentless threat of infected creatures. The game combines elements of survival, strategy, and role-playing, allowing players to build, customize, and fortify their shelters.

The Open World

There are three districts that make up the City of Jirolan. The Old Town District, Downtown District, and the Industrial District. Each of these Districts will have their own style and vibe to make the game more interesting and varied. The city is surrounded by tall walls that shield the last city from the outside world.

Old Town District:

The State of the Game

We have many phases to go through before we can confirm the game fully complete. We are currently in our Pre-Alpha state of development. We hope to release an Alpha Version of the game in late 2024.

Current: Pre-Alpha

  • The earliest Stage of Development.
  • There is no playable content in the pre-alpha stage. Developers are working on general map design, story, and other concepts.
  • Pre-alpha is not typically associated with external testing. It is primarily an internal phase focused on planning and early development.


Interested in our development? Join our group on Roblox and join our Discord Server where we post updates.

Group - Crosspoint Studios - Roblox
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god damn, those builds look amazing.

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The vegetation and the placement of debris is amazing along with the lighting. The concept seems good and other areas

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