Last Update for my Hangout Game

Earlier this year I created a hangout game called “Complimentary Island!”, it was a massive flop mainly because everyone thought I was making an AFK game, which was not the case, so because of the large amounts of dislikes and because I am working on other projects, the game will not receive anymore updates besides the one I just gave it, here’s the game link if you want to play it: Complementary Island! - Roblox


Thankyou for announcing this update. Your game seems interesting, I will go and check it out.

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Interesting! I will be discovering through this game and give feedback later on.

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It looks nice, really not my style of building, but it works. The obby is impossible at the end, too far of a jump for me and maybe other players.

Nothing much to do in the game, the video displayed on the T.V isn’t matching the theme of the game. Needs to be changed or removed.

The music is too loud and not needed in my opinion. Add a music GUI that allows you to turn on/off the music.

Final feedback, try changing the colors/textures/lighting/blocks/chairs/models. Enhance them to make them look better. Looks very bland and rushed. The majority of the game needs to be fixed.


DON’T listen to the negative feedback given. If it’s honest criticism, then take it. Ignore the bullies online, they don’t need to be given attention. I was dev-stalked for months and I am better now. I believe you can change the game for the better. Don’t lose hope. <3

– Sam aka Amanuel001 aka vqteria. :smiley: