Last visit line is red and blue with the new Roblox dark theme

Description: The last visit line in the topics list is red and blue using the Roblox dark theme while it should be just blue.
First time happening: Roblox dark theme release;

Repro: Change the theme to Roblox dark


Can’t reproduce. What device/OS are you using? I’m using a Windows 10 PC.


I get this bug albeit extremely inconsistently, probably only once a day or so.

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I’m using an Asus windows 10 on chrome

Actually – scratch my previous post. I can reproduce this now after refreshing the forum on a Win10 desktop device with Chrome.

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Can confirm.

Browser: Microsoft Edge 96.0.1054.43
Operating System: Windows 10 21H2

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Can confirm, using Windows 11 Edge Navigator and iOS 15.1 DiscourseHub App.

I can confirm this is occurring on the latest version of Chrome on Windows 11.

This is very game breaking and should be fixed!

Anyways, doesn’t happen to me on ungoogled chromium:

Are you using “Roblox dark” theme? It should be blue and not red

Realized I had dark reader on, still doesnt change

Hmm it doesn’t look like “Roblox dark” theme but just “dark”

Oh there it is, literally didnt know that theme existed

Happens on Firefox too

It’s a new theme that was recently released

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Seems like a stylistic choice, since the line is red and blue while looking through topics but blue in an actual thread.

yep, that’s correct :eyes:

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I don’t think so. From a UI standpoint, it’s a somewhat inconsistent choice of style if that’s truly what it is.

I was the one who had initially suggested the last visit bar be blue, and I noticed that when they went forward with this change, they had only changed the color for the bar in topics until three days later when they updated both.

I still believe this most likely occurred due to an update they rolled out, which brought the red bar back.

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fixed it. thanks for the report y’all :wink:


Is this normal?