Change The "Last Visit" Line To Blue In Roblox Dark Mode

As a Roblox Developer Forum User, I feel that the current color of the “last visit” line does not fit with the overall theme of the new Roblox Dark mode.

Currently, it’s this dark red color that feels rather off:

If Roblox changed the “last visit” line to a blue color like the buttons, it would overall blend better:


I would like this BUT I don’t think this is possible because the forum uses the engine discourse and I don’t think they allow you to do that.

??? Discourse is open-source and meant to be customized. This theme was obviously made by Roblox themselves, so they could customize it at their will, including overwriting default themes.


I think this because I don’t see any other forum on the discorse engine that has the last visit bar a color other than red

I don’t see how, since they’re able to fully customize everything else on the forum, they can’t change the color of a single bar. Let alone contact discourse and request, in the case they cant, to be given the ability to.

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It looks like that element has a class that makes it the --danger-medium color. It’s probable that color is also used for other elements around the site, so it might change more than just this line if that color field is changed by the theme.


Discourse is all made around customisation. You can change every color and modify all the CSS files pretty easy.

Many companies love Discourse because of the customisation, as it can fit really well into their style.

Fortunately, the color can also be set in CSS manually, by removing the --danger-medium at border-bottom, but instead replace it with the favoured color (such as blue).

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I agree that this would look better in Roblox blue so I changed it. Check it out now :slight_smile:


Looks like it’s still red inside of topics, I’d recommend changing that too @metaversek1ng



It has been done. Go ahead and check :slight_smile:


Thanks! I can confirm it works. :tada:


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