Launching studio from site opens two studio instances

Launching studio from the website currently opens two studios for me. This is consistent between places owned by me and owned by groups. Team Creates will also open two studio instances, and immediately one of them will fail (as expected) because you can only be in a team create at one moment - not two.

I don’t know what I did, but the only button I interacted with which will reproduce this for me 100% is the Edit button and that’s it.


I’m also having this problem, but I haven’t really done anything. It tends to shred my PC since it’s opening two very high performance studios


Yes. This may be intentional. You can also recreate this bug by clicking File > Open From Roblox, and it will open yet another studio instance.

I can confirm that this bug is also happening to me. It started a few days ago and it opens occasionally 2 Roblox Studio windows when clicking on the “Edit” button. The first loading Studio prints errors of many plugins such as:

Cannot create more than one button with id “…” in toolbar with id “…” in plugin with id “cloud_…”

The second Studio window seems to be fine though.

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I’ve been using the develop page a lot recently and it’s been happening for the past day or so.

Video of the issue:

This seems to be resolved - can anyone else confirm and/or could a Roblox staff member confirm that this was fixed?


This is happening to me too. I was working at 5:00am Pacific time last night and this was not happening. I closed studio normally, and I opened studio today at 5:30pm Pacific time and it is opening 2 instances of studio every time I open studio by clicking “Edit” on the game on the website.

Can also confirm this is happening to me! When I click on Edit, it just opens 2 Studio’s & lags the heck out of my Computer.

I had to close and reload 4 times this morning, because it kept opening a double copy, only on the 5th try did it open a single copy.

When two copies are open one or both of them will have problems with the draggers not working.

Same issue here

Oh boy was I wrong. This is actually the worst its been - I’m not sure why this will be fine for a bit but then spit out a bunch of studio instances at me but can this PLEASE be addressed?


This needs to be fixed. It’s really annoying when my memory is eaten up by 2 studios in large games and they both go in a loop of trying to reconnect to the Team Create. This is a Studio issue as the launcher is only called once, so Studio is just making 2 instances of itself.

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I can confirm this bug happens to me on a Windows 10 computer almost every single time. I have only tried it with Team Create places, however this might be because I only open TC places from the website (when I am not the owner)

Had this problem as well, can confirm it only happens on the website, but doesn’t happen every time. It’s especially annoying when I open a team create game because it takes a minute or two to load, and it takes longer.

Can confirm, it also seems to open the wrong place if you’re trying to edit a non-start place under a game with multiple places.

This happens to me almost always and it’s very annoying since some place have Team Create enabled and when the second one opens the first one loses connection so I have to close one and reconnect.

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This has been happening to me for several days now

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Same here! I just thought it was an only me problem so I never posted. I thought I was accidentally double clicking studio.

Ive had the same problem a couple of times, I open up studio, it opens up my baseplate, then opens up Place1, Strange but very interesting!

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Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


This issue should now be resolved! If this issue is still occurring, please create a new topic for us to look into.

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