Lava Ascension Update 2/15/20

Whenever I release too many features to fit in the group shout, I’ll post a list like this instead.


  • Spy Racers event will end on February 20th, which means that the badge and title will no longer be earnable after then.
  • Interested in obstacle submission? See this:

New Features:

  • Blurple (a cross between blue and purple) chat tags for staff (Community Manager+) and gold chat tags for supporters. Note that at the moment you’ll have to rejoin after purchasing supporter to get a chat tag.


  • Data should save much better now (for real this time) since I’ve removed most of the old datastore system and increased dependence on DataStore2. Thank you everyone for your support and patience during those issues!

Planned Features:

  • Automatic met the dev badge awarding.
  • New titles (coming very soon, be on the lookout!).
  • More obstacles (hoping to add these at least once a month).
  • Modifier logic (only obstacles that can be completed will be generated).
  • Codes that unlock MP and titles (probably a bit farther off).
  • Pro Mode for people with a certain amount of wins (less time and harder obstacles, plus a new leaderboard maybe? Still in the very early planning stages).