Lay down animation not working

Hi! So, if you have used moon animator before, you might know the “Animate script” technique to add an emote to the game. If you do not, basically, you copy and paste the animate script located inside the player’s character when the game starts, paste it into the starter player scripts, and to add more emotes, go to the emote list and add the name of it as well as the animation id. Also, after that add a small line saying whether the animation is looped or not. I made a slip animation that works perfectly but whenever I run my laydown animation, it just starts and ends the animation instantly. Note, both animations were custom made by me. I specifically wrote that the animation should be looped, but for some reason, it starts and stops the lay down animation instantly. Here are the parts I added to the “Animate” script for the lay down animation:
Here I added the animation (With the right ID, I double and triple checked) to the emote list:

Here I specified that it should be looped:
Screenshot (119)
Here is how it looks in game. I also showed the slip animation just to show that that one works, but the lay down doesn’t:
robloxapp-20210401-2021051.wmv (724.2 KB)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! :grinning: