Layered Clothes Not working with Rig

So I was testing out the new Layered Clothes with a Rthro Rig and it kind of bugged out for some reason. I’m new to this so I don’t really know what I’m doing. Sorry. Here is a screenshot:

The pants and shoes work just fine It’s just the shirt

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Have you checked if it is a actual layered clothing accessory?

Try restarting studio, I think that’ll help.

If you would like I can send a picture of the explorer.

Just went back in the studio place and it’s still like that. Sorry

Your clothes are not poorly designed.
Check the following bug report:

This is one of the layered clothing items that Roblox themselves made. I didn’t make it

No, check. The post talks about all layered clothings in general, which do not fit well in some rigs.

I’m new to the layered clothes so I don’t really know how they work just yet. How do I know if I’ve done it right? Sorry for the inconvenience.

I don’t really know about the use of layered clothing, I wouldn’t know how to tell you….

No worries! It’s not really a urgent problem.