Layered clothing causes lag spikes when updating unrelated part properties

This is a partial workaround I have things in my game that change the transparency of decals or limbs and even that causes the lag spikes, as well as simply equipping tools. In those cases this fix cant be applied sadly.

Happy new year as well!

Yeah for actual body parts there’s nothing you can do sadly :confused:

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Hello it has since been a year since the bug report was initially made. I’ve been forced to temporarily put the release of my project on hold due to this extremely game breaking bug (and I have use cases that workarounds simply aren’t viable for.)

Are there any updates or an ETA on when it may be fixed? Thanks.

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Hello and thank you for reaching out and reporting the issue. We are currently in final stages of getting our first (of few) release that will address the spike we are seeing. It is coming very soon. Please stay tuned as we are currently working on verifying and fixing some edge cases we have found with testing.

Thank you for your patience!


Any update on this? It appears that players are able to spam equip/unequip tools, which causes the layered clothing recalculations, resulting in everyone in the server having performance drops.


I would really like an update for this already, I hate having to deal with manually welding stuff outside the character.