Layered Clothing is invisible when not worn

In the editor layered clothing meshes appear invisible but then will appear when picked up

Expected behavior

To be able to see layered clothing


This could be an issue with your game’s scripts. May you send a reproduction file of the issue?

The image and the video are from separate places, The image is from an unmodified Roblox place.

Hello @survival_steve can you share a sample rbxl file with us so we can investigate the issue?

Thank you in advance

I’m having a similar issue, all layered clothing items appear invisible in studio when inside an accessory object, not parented to a humanoid. This extends to pressing play also.

Me too. A layered clothing accessory that was clearly visible before, but is now invisible. It can see when wear it on the body.

I don’t know if it’s related to this problem, but there is an issue where the thumbnail is not visible when these layered clothing item is registered as a ugc item.

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I’ve found out that this is not only in studio, but happens in live also.

Without a humanoid, an accessory prior to this bug appeared like this:

Now in Viewports, the workspace, and other places. All layered clothing appears completely invisible:

Everything goes back to normal when attaching the accessory back onto a humanoid, but this isn’t completely ideal!


Baseplate.rbxl (82.3 KB)

Ok I just uploaded the T-shirt to this new place as you can see the t-shirt is invisible.

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Hello and thank you all for providing information, and for your patience. We are rolling back the change that cause the issue. Give it 15-20 minutes and it will be fixed. Please reach out of you see additional problems. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ve been taking a look at the fix for this today and my team has found that while this has been fixed on most devices, the issue is persisting specifically on iOS mobile devices, so it is still effecting users on these devices for us.

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Hello and thank you for the follow up and your patience, we will investigate further on iOS. @Theninja5555 can you share your place link so we can double check?