Layered Clothing's thumbnail and 2d preview didn't work

:one: Create a UGC layered clothing item

:two: Upload the item through studio - two days ago
(:exclamation:the item was not visible due to the recent layered clothing invisible issue at the time, When I pasted it to another place, it was visible, so I proceeded with registration at that time.)

:three: Wait for moderation and approval - yesterday

:four: Item thumbnail still broken after approval (does not display anything)

Expected behavior

Recently, there was a issue where layered clothing items were not visible.
But around that time, I pasted the LC item in another place and it was visible in there, so I tried to register it.

There was no problem with registration and the item was visible even in the thumbnail preview during the registration process.

After the moderation and it is approval, I can’t see the thumbnails of all the layered clothing item.
At that time, I updated 10 accessories and 14 layered clothing, but only the thumbnail of the all layered cloth item is not visible.


+) LC items are invisible in the 2D preview, but visible in the 3D preview and when try on.

I’ve uploaded a lot of layered cloth, so I hope this can be resolved.
Thank you always for your support.

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Yes Thank you for your support!

I checked the item again and one of the 14 LC item thumbnails is back to normal!
But the other 13 items still have broken thumbnails.

(Blurred are other items I own. The items in the thumbnails that do not show anything are the remaining 13 LC items, and the thumbnails of the corset LC items I attached as an example while posting are back!)

I will also attach links to the remaining 13 items in case it helps.

(1)Skeleton Jacket - Black and White - Roblox
(2)Skeleton Jacket - Black - Roblox
(3)Skeleton Jacket - Brown - Roblox
(4)Skeleton Jacket - Blue - Roblox
(5)Skeleton Jacket - Purple - Roblox
(6)Skeleton Jacket - Red - Roblox
(7)Skeleton Jacket - Pink - Roblox
(8)Skeleton Jacket - White - Roblox
(9)Plaid Tartan Skirt - Roblox
(10)Punk Goth Bracelet Left - Roblox
(11)Punk Goth Bracelet Right - Roblox
(12)Leg Warmers with Belt Accents - Roblox
(13)Hand Warmers with Belt Accents - Roblox

thank you.


Hello, good day! is there any update regarding this issue?

Hello, I found an additional item with the same problem and would like to share it with you.
The 2D thumbnail of Roblox’s canvas shoes - white - right item is also broken.
(As far as I remember, this item has never had this problem before.)

I’m attaching the item link and the capture image!

I sincerely hope the 2d thumbnail issue of lc items that are experiencing similar issues including my items will be solved. I would appreciate it if you could check the item I attached and my item together.

Thank you for always working hard to solve the problem.

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