Layers - Photoshop-like layering tool for Roblox builds


Layering tool for manipulating and visualizing sections of Roblox builds.

This plugin is in beta. There are probably some bugs I didn’t catch. There are also some features I haven’t implemented yet. Feedback is welcome!


Functionality is very similar to layering in most image editing software.

  • Each layer can be hidden and locked.
  • Layers can be rearranged, edited, and removed.
  • You can move parts between layers.
  • You can select every part within a given layer.


Main Plugin

Dark Theme


Light Theme


New Layer




You can now turn the plugin on/off by pressing the “power” button on the bottom left of the widget. This allows you to work outside of the plugin as if it was closed.

Everything inside of the camera is now ignored. It is not unusual for plugins to store visual indicators inside of the camera. This plugin was interfering with them.

Invisible layers have been made more clear. Previously, only the visibility icon changed. Now, the color of the icons and text changes as well.

Fixed issue where initially locked parts unlocked themselves when you unlocked the layer they were in.

Manually removing relevant tags from an instance will exclude it from the plugin.

Update 1 Closing the plugin will now disable it until it is reopened. Previously, adding instances with the plugin closed continued to place them in the last selected layer.

Adding an _ignorelayers tag to an instance makes it invisible to the plugin. This is useful if you want to insert something without it being effected by the plugin.

The “_layers” folder now only exists if it needs to. Specifically, it only exists if there are active hidden layers.


The plugin adds the following shortcuts to Roblox Studio:

  • Make Folder
  • New Layer
  • Remove Layer
  • Layer Up
  • Layer Down
  • Move Up
  • Move Down
  • Select Layer
  • Move Selection to Layer
  • Toggle Layer Visibility
  • Toggle Layer Locked

None of these are bound to anything by default. To set keybinds go to File → Advanced → Customize Shortcuts, and search for any of the listed shortcuts. All of the functionality above is available through the interface as well.


Using Sweetheartichoke’s Tag Editor plugin makes it easier to distinguish between layers in the workspace.

The plugin occasionally creates a folder in ServerStorage called “_layers”. Don’t delete this folder. If you’re using Rojo, set $ignoreUnknownInstances in ServerStorage to true or add the folder to your project json.

The Select All tool / keybind combined with the Make Folder shortcut makes it easy to organize your workspace. Select Layer → Select AllMake Folder → Rename → Repeat.



The code base is largely written on top of sircfenner’s Collision Groups Editor Plugin. Many of the components used came from sircfenner’s Studio Components repo.

Layer icon made by Freepik from
Power icon created by Gregor Cresnar - Flaticon


What’s the use for this? I never really found myself in need to hide certain models/parts while building

Layers are useful for organization. Many people do find the need to hide certain models/parts while building. Especially when you’re working with more complex builds. It’s normal to organize builds in the workspace using folders, this plugin makes that process easier. See: Want an equivalent of photoshop layers in studio for world geometry - Hard to edit layered geometry


As someone who uses Photoshop on a close-to-daily basis, this is a great idea. I usually categorize larger features into folders, but will often accidentally wander out of the workspace set aside for a structure (as there is no immediate visual indication of the folder you’re working in when only using studio tools).

A few requests:

  • Layers don’t appear to save after restarting studio
  • Adding the option to select/move/hide multiple layers at once, a la Photoshop
  • The ability to work outside of the plugin/layers without “turning it off”

Otherwise, I’m glad someone has made a determined effort to bring PS-like layers to Roblox - I hope you continue to work on it!


Thanks for the feedback!

The plugin uses tags to distinguish between layers on a place-by-place basis, so if you save your place file, it should remember which layers you had in that specific place. If this isn’t working for some reason, I’ll look in to it.

I will definitely add the option to select and modify multiple layers at once. As for working outside of the plugin, that was the initial idea behind the “Default” layer. Kind of like the background layer in photoshop. I can see why this behavior might not always be ideal. I’ll make it optional in a future release.


Neat! Can this be made to work with Models and Folders, too?


Folders, Models, Decals, and Textures should all work in the most recent version.