LC:RP | Game Rules & Regulations

Game Rules and Regulations:

  • 1, Do not spam or flood the roblox chat.

  • 2, If you flip during a police chase, you MUST roleplay it, if not, it is counted as failure to roleplay.

  • 3, Any bass boosted / extremely loud music is not allowed! (This also means bypassed audio, which is against roblox terms of service)

  • 4, Do not violate roblox terms of service, it’ll result in a trello ban if you are/was caught violating the roblox terms of service.

  • 5, Respect all users of the Lion County: Roleplay community! We’re all human here.

  • 6, Refrain from using some tools inside of cars as some tools can glitch out cars.

  • 7, Do not abuse the “!help” command. You will receive a punishment if you do.

  • 8, If you see something, say something. Don’t yell “FRP” or “RDM” etc. You would call “!help” .

  • 9, Do not impersonate staff members or any roblox officials.

  • 10, Do not sit at a staff scene and argue with any staff member. They have the final say.

  • 11, Any sort of exploits is NOT allowed. If you are exploiting, it WILL be a trello ban, and that is also violating terms of service.

  • 12, Do not abuse any sort of tool. This means random killing with a weapon, pepper spraying someone for no reason, or arresting someone without a proper cause.

  • 13, Staff evasion is a bannable offense. This includes RTAS, reset to avoid staff or LTAS, leave to avoid staff.

  • 14, Do not release a users personal information.

  • 15, Do not threaten other users saying that you’ll get them banned or grab their IP.