Le' Meilleur Pont

Hello everyone!

In my few posts today, I have shown small but nice builds. I wanted to make a large and more detailed build so I came up with a fully original bridge design, and after about 1.5-2.5 hours of work, I present the Le’ Meilleur Pont!



Thank you everyone for giving me support on my posts today and giving me enough confidence and willpower to construct this!



thats amazing!!! just on the 8th image in the middle there is a split.
and how did you do those beveled edges on the parts

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  1. The splits are intentional
  2. Meshes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you for your feedback, glad you like it!


This looks amazing! I’d suggest filling in some of the edge bricks at the bottom area and add some light posts.


dude that is perfect. Genuinely amazing.

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Personally I think that the brick colors are too diverse. I think that the colors should be more closer together. Instead of using Dark reds and Light reds use either or instead of both if that makes sense.

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that is your opinion, but it adds another level of depth to the build imo

That looks absolutely amazing!! Keep it up. As said above, you should try filling in some of the bottom area edge bricks. Other than that, you have done a great job here an made a quality build.

also rare but good to see a fellow iowan developer, keep up your awesome work!


Thank you for the feedback advice. I did this build for practice so no changes will be made but the advice will be noted!

Looks amazing! Love the detail on the bricks on the bridge giving it the “rough” look. Keep up the good work!

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Nice, a little rough around the edges, especially on the railings which don’t fit in and could be better and more creative. The center block for the drainage area is not beveled which is unfitting, if anything remove it because it would probably look better without it. Overall color scheme is OK, some things don’t really fit in but I can see where you are coming from on the build.

Grand scheme of things, good build, 8/10.

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