Leaderboard column headers off-by-one

The ROBLOX leaderboard is displaying its column headers in the wrong column – they’re shifted over one. In the below screenshot, KOs should have been the title of the first column, and WOs the second, but KOs is shifted over to the second column, and WOs is off-screen.

This happens with all leaderboards. To repro:

  • Insert ROBLOX leaderboard from toolbox into empty game
  • Publish
  • Play in online mode (headers don’t show in Studio for some reason until another value is added to the test player’s leadersats)

This has been an issue for at least a week.

I was wondering about this in a game the other day, since there was that empty first column.

I already fixed this bug :slight_smile: , the fix should come out next Wednesday.


Good to hear, i noticed it in my games to haha

I saw that it was fixed earlier today, but now the issue is back. Was the fix reverted?

Yeah I was losing my mind trying to fix this in my game today. Please make it go away, it is causing mass confusion in my game which uses 4 columns of stats.

This is still happening @TheGamer101 any ideas what’s going on? :smiley:

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I forgot to turn on the fix, I will get it turned on today.


Unfortunately I was wrong about which release this fix was in. It will be fixed for real this Wednesday.


What time will this update be? Cant wait for this to be fixed.

The fix has been released :slight_smile:

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