Leaderboard overlaps with the button to enable it

So about today I’ve been seeing an issue happen in newer servers in my game. I saw this reported a few hours ago but I just experienced it myself. I’m on an iOS tablet but I’ve seen it reported on pc too. Unsure bout Xbox. Repro is just joining a game (lol).


Unrelated but can someone message me what the broken thumbs up icon is next to my name? This is my personal place, usually it’s a hammer…


I thought I was the only one experiencing this issue. I can second that this bug indeed does exist.


I believe this is a bug, but if this indeed an intended change, please revert it. It overlaps with the leaderboard in such an unpleasant way; irritatingly getting in the way of text and overlapping nonsensically.

I am on a Windows computer, latest version of Roblox.