Leaderboards all of a sudden random order

Leaderboards used to show data in the order of the items created and added to the leaderboard folder. In studio it still works as expected:

In live servers however the leaderboard is now completely random!!!



Do you have a repro? You should add it to your topic.

Make sure to also clearly indicate why this is unexpected behavior.

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Its just live servers, no repro. It has worked this way for years and the past hour or so is completely random.

Happening in new servers on every game:


Scythe should be ordered first on this leaderboard.

My game suddenly started breaking a couple of minutes ago.
I was accidentally making a child-order expectation in some super old UI code.
It looks like child order stopped being consistent.

local selectedAlienName = "Tinit"
local categories = {}
for _,cat in pairs(alienData:GetChildren()) do
	table.insert(categories, cat)
local currCategoryNum = 1
local currDisplayAlien = categories[currCategoryNum]:WaitForChild(selectedAlienName)

Last line errors because it’s looking for something that doesn’t exist.

Hi wravager, I am investigating this issue. Can you link the game that is experiencing this issue?

Link to my test place so you can get into a new server: https://www.roblox.com/games/376235120/egg-simulator-testing-zone

Order in studio is displayed as this and should be this:


I joined and the order seemed fine so idk why its randomly changing.

The non-testing place has the issue on some servers


I can confirm this is happening to me as well with my leaderboard, this is also affecting team order, that use leaderboard too.

It looks like this is caused by FFlagCreateAndUpdateDataReplicationCache. Disabling this in Studio appears to fix the issue when using a local test server.
Edit: Actually, I’m not even sure anymore, I can’t seem to reproduce it after disabling and re-enabling the flag.

Child order (via GetChildren) doesn’t seem consistent after the first client joins the game.

So this very issue started happening to my game, and at the same time UI indexes were all messed up without the numbers changing, rendering the game unplayable.

It didn’t make any sense.

There seems to be issues within my game for spawning in cars or buying them with in-game currency. This could be a ROBLOXCRITICAL issue.

This issue should be resolved now.