Leaderstats problem

Hello there!

So I was trying to make leaderstats and everything went fine, until I tested my game and instead of my leaderstats being ‘Cash’ and ‘Wins’, it was ‘rebirths’ and ‘strength’.

Here you can see the output. I’m randomly getting errors:

Here is my player with the leaderstats that shouldn’t be there:
leaderstats that shouldn't be there

I’ve already tried searching in my other games for leaderstats with ‘rebirths’ and ‘strength’, but I found nothing…

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?

Thank you!

Sorry if this is the wrong category, tell me if it is

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Would be great if you could share the script itself.


this thing is always happend but now i have a new simple one:

  1. Make A Folder In ServerStorage
  2. Rename The Folder into “Leaderstats”
  3. Insert The Values

and code this in ServerScriptService:

game.ServerStorage.leaderstats:Clone().Parent = player -- Clone The Object

reply me for any issues

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What values do you mean? Strength and rebirths?

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i believe there’s other scripts changing your value names
otherwise there’s a plugin doing that kind of mess

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anything you make (number value or string value)
strength and rebirth can too!

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I’ve searched for other scripts, but I didn’t found any, even in other games

Here are my plugins:

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I create the values with my scripts into a folder called leaderstats

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it’s kinda conspicuous because i can see an error message regarding a plugin

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to make the script working:

  1. Insert The Created Value into folder

  2. Keep folder name is “leaderstats” (i forgot because the L is the alphabets or caps lock, turn it to normal)

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oh, do you have any idea what plugin it could be?

i cant determine, but if that’s not the answer try filtering “script” in the search bar in the explorer and check all scripts

to make it easier, press ctrl + f while in a script, then something will pop up, then enter in the search bar the name of the words in

, then you can find them

doesn’t work for me… what values do I put in? Sorry I don’t understand

Do I have to do this while playing?


value can be added:

  • String Value

  • Number Value

  • Bool Value

that all value that can be working

Done, couldn’t find any scripts with that words

what is personal gui rescaler? does it require script injection?