Leak Protection System

I have made a leak protection system script that you insert to your models and it will notify you in case of a leak and do some other things. You can watch a video on it below:

I am just looking for new feature to add. If you have any, please reply to this post and I will try my best adding them. These are the all the features of the script including the latest features that came in Build 3.2:

  • WebHook
  • KickOnDetect
  • AssetName
  • OutputNotify
  • WhitelistUserIDs

Any suggestions on what to add?


It’s a nice idea however someone could just remove the script from the modal so this is kinda pointless to be quite honest. Of course someone could not find it if you where to hide it in a modal however I believe if I am not incorrect Roblox when downloading a modal allow you to see what scripts are inside of the modal for security reasons so people could still find it easy and also due to the UI saying the asset is stolen someone would know to remove this script and that someone has been notified.

Please correct me if I am wrong however but I really see no point in this at all tbh. Also how would something get leaked anyways unless you have a corrupt development team.


Was asking for suggestions not for critique but since you asked I’ll answer.

Your first point - “could just remove the script from the modal”

  • The main point of this script is so you can insert it into a model inside your game. Then, if a developer as you said later on leaks it, you could find out who it is and report them. Though, that’s unlikely that a dev would leak something (as long as you carefully picked out your dev team). The more likely of the two is some cuck decides to use an exploit and get your models. Now since the average age of these exploiters is 7 years old, I doubt they will check every single script your models have. So once they test your game, the script sends a notification to you via webhook and you can report the user.

Your second point - “Roblox when downloading a modal allow you to see what scripts are inside of the modal”

  • Most leaked assets (that I know of) aren’t published via the toolbox, but rather .rbxm, which is a file format Roblox uses. And even if it was through the toolbox, the only thing the user would see is, “Contains Scripts”.

Your third point - “someone would know to remove this script and that someone has been notified”

  • The point is for someone to remove the ASSET. If someone does remove the script, it doesn’t matter, because when they previously joined and tested the game, it already logged their username, ID, account profile and game link and sent it to the respective game’s staff members/developers via webhook.

Your fourth point - “how would something get leaked anyways unless you have a corrupt development team.”

  • As stated before, using an exploit, pretty sure it’s called Synapse or something like that.

Hope this helped

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I mean it’s not really critique all I was saying is that really this script/code/modal is pointless. It was more stating facts rather then critique tbh. (not sure if you put this part to be rude cuz it kinda seems like it)

Does this script not work server side? Most exploit clients (unless there is a backdoor inside of the Roblox game) only have access to the client side meaning that my original point of this system being pointless still stands. The URL for a webhook and stuff are stored server side so it would not be downloaded due to the exploiter only has access to the client side (the reason why when using remote events or other events or functions like them you check server side to verify the request).

You really think the average exploiter is around 7 years old? Most exploiters are at least 13-14+ years old to be quite honest. Most 7 year olds would very likely not even know about exploiter, even more understand how to do it.

So what if it logs there username, ID, account profile and game link? Roblox is really not going to do anything about someone who has a modal in there game. Most likely they would just tell the user to remove it if they even did that.

Unless I am missing or misunderstand how your code works I still rest my case in that this is basically pointless.

I made this UI for you. (Took 5 minutes.) Because I thought your UI looked bland.
UI.rbxm (7.9 KB)

Also, game.CreatorId returns 0 in a none-published place so you won’t be able to know who used your asset, they also need HTTP requests enabled which isn’t something every game uses by default.

But, I still think this is a cool idea non the less, despite its flaws.

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Thank you. Do you mind if I use the UI and credit you? Asking because I am selling this.

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You could in the webhook say what asset it is and also state that in the UI so they know what asset to remove.

(this is a suggestion)

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That is fine with me, crediting me is optional, I made it for fun. Lmao.


Ohh nvm, I see what you mean.

ignore thisa just getting to the limit

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This would work better with models that already have scripts, as you can hide it somewhere inside the model’s normal script

It is intended for that


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I really like this idea! However one question, will this ever be possible for custom characters in Players?

What do u mean by that? Like inserting it into a player?

Like custom characters in player with custom clothes/faces and other misc proprieties such as accessories
basically prevent from stealing player model
(Yeah just what you said inserting it into a player)

So something like this?

Yeah just like that.

This text will be blurred

I’d assume that you would be able to make a small piece of code at the start of the script using a PlayerAdded function just adding it into the player. Though, I wouldn’t understand why you would do that? May I ask why?

To prevent the clothes and faces from being stolen alongside with the accessories.

Then you would want to put it inside the clothes, the accesories, the face, or if the combination of these, then the player CHARACTER rather then the player object.

The player object only has the player’s backpack and scripts from the “StarterPlayer” folder.

All accessories, faces, clothing, skin tone, and other things related to the player’s actual character you see in game is stored under game.Workspace.PlayerName
the location LordSTking showed you was under game.Players.PlayerName

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