[LEAKS!] C h a i n $ Aesthetic Homestore Update

Hey C h a i n$! It’s @FxllenCode here, lead of the development team at C h a i n $ and Co-Owner! I’m happy to share some leaks of our new homestore, coming soon! :eyes: I’ll be sharing other information in this newsletter at the end of the pictures! Here they are!

Our Custom Try-On too! (Server-Sided, your friends can see it too!)


(Yes, the purchase works, I just didn’t show it as an example.)

Make sure to follow the game to find out when it releases!

Other Info!

  • It should be releasing very soon! (1-5 days).

  • It will get larger as we add more clothes!

Make sure to share this with your friends and give us feedback on the group wall!


@FxllenCode and @chainedrxses