Learn Animation with Roblox Build It, Play It

Howdy folks, BudgetFox here!

Ever wanted to add custom animations in your game? Getting tired of the classic LinkedSword lunge? Want your players to do a silly walk whenever they join?

You can learn how to create custom animations in the Build It, Play It challenge! We’ll show you how to make a game where players race their avatars around a track and gain levels by moving in real life with their mobile device. How will their avatars move? That’s up to you - whether they run, fly, or turn cartwheels.

Not interested in animation? We have code and assets ready for you to tear apart, including:

  • A complete template for a simulator-style game open source codeHigh quality assets to use in any Roblox game.
  • Premade motion controls for mobile games.

Once you’re done with the challenge - share your cool stuff on Twitter using #BuildItPlayIt! We’re also planning a contest coming out soon too.

We look forward to seeing the radical stuff you can create.

Get started here!