Learn how to build immersive 3D worlds!

Hello Creators!

In case you missed it, we did our first Roblox Staff Stream last Monday: Intro to World Building. This was a live event where our principal artist SCHLEEMPH (aka ADAMW3D) showed everyone how to use parts, terrain, materials, meshes, and lighting to build simple yet polished 3D worlds.

Get the uncopylocked place, asset pack, material pack, and check out the recording on the Creator Events Platform or YouTube and join us live next time to join the Q&A. Stay tuned in the Events Forum to hear about upcoming events. Happy Creating!


Did they use PBR models? I understand it’s simple, but I saw that meshes were used. Any PBR?


Can you post a .rbxl or Editable game, so we can check out the lighting settings?


Plenty of examples out there, consider checking this out to get an understanding of how lighting works on roblox. Helped me a TON back in the day when I was first getting started.

Roblox Documentation: Lighting

There are also plenty of other public tutorials on how to mess with lightning. Best of luck to you!


Yes thanks, I have read the above link, but reviewing it again.

Why I asked the OP @linksgoat is because they said ‘… and lighting to build simple yet polished 3D worlds.’… and they shared models of all the rest, but the Lighting. And the specific lighting setting and sub lighting options can make a huge difference.


The place file has been added. Enjoy!


This happens whenever I try to use the Material Pack link. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Edit: The pack is private and unavailable @linksgoat


Apologies! Schleempf is on a well deserved break right now; we’ll fix this as soon as we can, when he gets back. Also, the actuall asset pack has all the contents of the material pack as well :D.


Thanks for posting the editable place file.

It does have this error when you run it in Studio:

53.864  Cannot load the AnimationClipProvider Service.  -  Studio
  02:03:53.864  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  02:03:53.865  Script 'Workspace.Lord_BradyRocks.Animate', Line 187 - function configureAnimationSet  -  Studio
  02:03:53.865  Script 'Workspace.Lord_BradyRocks.Animate', Line 283  -  Studio
  02:03:53.865  Stack End  -  Studio

Also there are Material Variant errors…


Thanks for the post - I resolve the errors with the materialVariants and re-published. Looks like some old naming conventions got mixed up while putting the placefile together for the lesson. :slight_smile:


Should be resolved, now! My apologies - just a little coordination oversight where I didn’t realize we were going to publish the material pack separately!

FYI - the material pack is now acquirable as an individual pack, OR you can get it in the full Asset Pack.


Yep! All PBR materials, making use of various textures maps.

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