Learn Lua v2 - The Lua learning website for Roblox Developers

Hey there! I started Learn Lua in January of 2022 with a few posts, then made a DevForum post about it. It was greatly appreciated so I’ve revamped it again. Now, I have a small group of scripters behind it and a very small community as-well.

So this announces v2 which I’ve just finished today, more updates to come.

Anyway, the website is at https://learn-lua.com , accessible from any device with a browser.

Scripting tutorials from beginner to advanced.

Spot any grammar mistakes, things that should be changed or just want to add new topics? DM me!

Updates in v2:

  • Newer and easier to use interface
  • Separated topics (instead of everything at the same place)
  • Topics updates (fixed grammar mistakes and added clearer information
  • Newer logo (added a favicon)
  • Code now in code-blocks instead of images!

Thanks for your support as always.

PS: Aren’t a DevForum member and want to give your feedback? Post it on our Group Wall which may in a future update be on the website!


First glance, it looks really good compared to the other one, espescially with my picture on it :sunglasses:

EDIT: Name was changed to Coolsbloxian

I hope this one is very informative!


The website is very user friendly which a lot of sites lack. Really useful site for a quick reference two suggestions of a category is to add datastores (Advance) and also add how to make gui screens in the studio (beginners)


Thank you, greatly appreciated. That was my main goal with version 2.

Will definitely be considered and probably added in the future.

Our main goal with Learn Lua is to obviously teach Lua, but we’re planning on maybe making more websites for Roblox Studio teaching which would be in the future all gathered in one website. Now I have agree that to make GUI’s function you have to have a knoledge of Lua so it will definitely be considered.

Thanks for the feedback, though!


I wish it was all together like in pages when you read a book.

It was, in the past but we changed it since it was harder to locate stuff + a little unprofessional.
You can create the same effect, though by opening the tabs.

Thanks for the feedback though!


personally, I think the official Roblox website is better because u can find anything there and u can also find examples made by the Roblox staff team themselves

this website is pretty basic, the only thing it explains is how to use if statements, variables, and loops, and that’s it

I’m pretty sure we’ve mentionned that we’d add more stuff in the future, we’re not done here.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see that we’re also preparing a full section with examples, full scripts and more.

Thanks for the feedback, though!

This doesn’t seem too bad.

However though, in my opinion this doesn’t seem as good as Roblox’s official learning resources (docs, tutorials, lessons, ect.). What are you planning on adding in the future that will make this a better learning resource for beginner scripters than Roblox’s own resources?


In the Variables and their common types (String, Boolean, Number, Array) section, this is actually false:

To be honest, I could of included “.Transparency” in my variable, but if I wanted to call out “Part” and do a different action, this wouldn’t be much useful as we’d have to create another variable for it.

local PartTransparency = game.Workspace.Part.Transparency
PartTransparency = 0
PartTransparency = 1

This only modifies the variable’s value, not the part transparency property.

Also, I spotted some inconsistencies in the writing, in some sections it uses first-person pronouns for example “I” and “we”; and in some sections, it uses second-person pronouns like “you”. I understand why this happens though as I’m bad at grammar as well.

This sentence sounds weird when I first read it, and you should probably change it to this:

When you look at your Explorer window, you should see a bunch of tabs whether they are opened or not.

Also some typos:

Should be mentioned and decide


Looks decent, but little thing about consistency:

You initially don’t use local for defining variables which is ok for now, but afterward, you do without any explanation as to what it is. Side note: people might get confused as to why their script editor is telling them that their variable is “wrong”



You should probably learn HTML first. I think you should cover stuff that hasn’t been covered before.

The site caused my eyes to bleed.

Hey, I’m actually the current web developer for it. I originally made a site much better than this using NextJS 12, but unfortunately forgot to backup the code, whilst also being too focused on managing the code to connect it to a GitHub repository (lies I was just lazy).

Anyways, I’m currently working on a new version of Learn Lua with a light/dark theme toggle so your eyes won’t bleed.

Also unfortunately, I believe shades of grey won’t fit as a replacement for the bright colours, so the bright colours will have to stay. For dark mode, I’ll implement darker versions of each colour.


All good!

Sigh of relief

Also fine.

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Yes, we’re planning on putting some script examples and such more.

Very nice concept and interface! Although, you should definitely add syntax highlighting for the codeblocks. Syntax highlighting makes code way easier to read and a look at.


Definitely will be considered.

Thank you for the feedback!

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what if you have GPT3 (chatGPT)


ChatGPT is from OpenAI that can do anything you ask it to, but it only has info from 2021 or older, so it will give you stuff that worked back then, but now doesn’t due to roblox updates…

There is no need to implement ChatGPT3. I am not the ‘against AI guy’, in fact I use the Davinci model from OpenAI a lot on my written work, but that is because it is a tool to do things (without a human it writes incorrect, weird, low quality information, with a human though it could complete the text which is later guided and modified by the human). You should never use it as a teacher, or to generate quick lessons, it’s better to use a human for teaching.

Now if you are recommending ‘why not use ChatGPT3 to make lessons faster’ then it shouldn’t be a question since it is the devs’ tools and he decides how he wants to use it.


so use your website instead of ChatGPT?