Learn Special Effects with Roblox Build It, Play It

Hey developers,

I’m back with another Built It, Play It challenge!

Ever wanted to learn how to add some oomph your games and experiences? Do your weapons need a bit more of a spark? Have you just wondered how cool a place could look with sparkles and explosions everywhere?

Well look no further…

Our next Build It, Play It challenge is all about using :sparkles: Special Effects :sparkles: in your games and experiences. We’ll have two sets of tutorials, depending on your level of development experience, to help take your Studio skills to the next level!

For beginners just getting started in Studio:
You’ll learn how to create the particle effects for blasters in an arcade shooter experience.


For more experienced developers:
You’ll design an interactive tutorial with beams, particle emitters, and scripts.


If you’re not interested in the tutorials, we also have the following:

  • Complete game template for a round-based arcade shooter
    • Includes high quality 3D assets and open source code
  • Open source script for running interactive tutorials
  • And free avatar prizes, of course!

Ready to get started?

Check out the content on the Developer Hub.

We’re also planning on having a contest to showcase your fancy particle effects in a month. Follow @RobloxEdu on Twitter to see updates.

Once you’re done with the challenge - share your cool stuff on Twitter using #BuildItPlayIt!

We look forward to seeing the snazzy stuff you can create!


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This will me a lot, including others as well. Thanks!

Great, I’ve always never understood it well, idk why. At least this will help that.

It’s good to see things that will help both non-experienced and experienced developers. This means that this is even more useful.


Awesome! cant wait to learn more about special effects! I think its really nice you guys are doing this so people can learn more! Hope to see more like these in the future.


Sweeet! time to learn some special effects! I’ve never done them before so I hope I can finish it perfectly. I hope many can benefit from this, looking for more in the future.

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This seems like a cool tutorial! I’ll be sure to try it out

High quality humanoids are useful at times. If you’re trying to make a highly realistic game, rthro and things like that are helpful in making it more realistic for the player, especially if you make custom clothes and models that are also realistic.

It may be similar to Fortnite, but that’s not “trying” to be like it. It’s just another choice for players to use at their avatars. Be happy it’s not the only choice.

I’m not wanting a argument here, I am saying what I feel about your post.


cool, another build it play it. time to learn more about particle emitters smoke beams and stuff like that


Often times, new developers will have a lack of motivation because they will have just a little they have learned, and no product to properly showcase it in. This can influence new devs to turn their back to development.

I think the Build It, Play It series is really nice, since it essentially provides extra motivation to learn game development.

Good work to those who made this happen ^v^


This would be pretty fun! But i’m a new developer so this might be a big hard oof.


Oh, this is wonderful but can this teach us about different adornments and constraint?


YESSSSSS!!! This is what I needed!

This one’s a really fun one. Can’t wait for future build it play it events!


Non-developers is like: OMG ANOTHER FREE ITEMS

Jk! I’m excited for this, I want to learn more things about roblox studio


You don’t have to make your games with high poly models. But it is very good to have the power to have the option to.

I am also an FX designer! I liked this event so much!


Cool! I will definitely be checking this out.

Awesome! I’ll check it out right now, Lol.

Does anyone know how long this event will be open for?

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what i think roblox try hard to make his game like fortnite or pubg and its so bad roblox would be cool with old style the cube without rthro


No one is forcing you to use Rthro though, are they? You can customize your character to whatever style you want.

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