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Welcome To The Academy

LuaX Scripting Academy is a school which teaches developers how to script on roblox with absolutely no price to you. We have many teachers out there who are willing to take in new students to learn and to become the best developer they possibly could be.

LuaX Scripting Academy

About Us

LuaX Scripting Academy was founded so that every individual out there can unlock their true potential, and learn the long awaited skill that everyone believes to be complicated: scripting. All of the leaders here understand the struggle of trying to grind up on youtube tutorials in the hope of being able to create your dream game.

At LuaX, we have many teachers in different fields to help you grow. We even have a ranking system. The ranking system has a lot of contributing factors and complexities, however the core categories simplified are:

Novice: learning the fundalmentals and working on many basic types of scripts that you will see in games

Beginner: Working towards the goal to become an independent scripter, and it utilizing what he currently understands into project based learning. In addition to that, he is also learning how to read APIs to browse the information he needs. Beginners can rank from Beginner (lowest) to Independent Beginner (highest). Independent beginners will have a complete understanding on the use of APIs and services in roblox. They will be able to write their own scripts with minimal assistance

Intermediate: Sharpening up their development skills and creating more complicated projects with the use of project based learning.

Advanced: Determined by experience level.

We are also looking forward to anyone who would like to contribute to the community and become a teacher if they wanted to.

You can join the academy here: Discord

As of right now, we have some testimonies from individuals who entered our program. I wish the best of luck to everyone on their scripting journey!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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