Learning about ads


So im a new person to roblox developing…
So recently i wanted to learn about ads. I saw the roblox article but after reading the +13 ads thingy i just want to ask which is the best way to make ads


Here’s some official Roblox docs explaining promotion:

Of course, there are also ways to advertise outside of Roblox for your game, such as Youtube adverts, studio Twitter accounts, but there are some better online tutorials for that which you can find.

Not to be confused with advertising external sites through Roblox which is against community guidelines.


Thank you!

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The best way to advertise your games/clothing/groups nowadays from Roblox is on social media.

The best social media to advertise these things are TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and maybe Instagram.

Make sure to make short videos that are good, or get good pictures and edit them to later post them on these social media. These videos/posts have to be attention-grabbing and good. Don’t provide too much information about the thing you are advertising.

Also, DO NOT spam people with the thing you’re advertising, it doesn’t work and they will “hate” it.

Lastly, only make one account for all of your posts and videos on each social media, and post the stuff on there. You can also pay “influencers” to post about your game/item and play it/check it out.