Learning animating

Hello fellow developers!
It is my first time animating and I would love to learn it, can anyone recommend what can I do to learn animating?

i cant animate to save my life, put this video should help: 12 Principles of Animation (Official Full Series) - YouTube


Hello! You should try to make the animations look big and elasticy. Because the Roblox Avatar is heavily stylized, realistic animations just don’t look right. This is called “The mascot suit problem” which is like how mascot suits look uncanny with the way they move, this is mainly because human bodies just can’t move in unrealistic ways like squash and stretch.

So adding bounce to your animations will help a whole lot. Also, try to add weight to your animations, for an example I’ll use a running animation.

So when you run you have a sort of side to side turning motion, like a pendulum, and there is also some up and down bobbing. This isn’t hard to replicate in Roblox.
You can add a little bit of forward lean and also with each step add that pendulum side to side turning. And with each step add some bobbing.

You also can use tweens to make animation look generally better and more natural. The default tween scheme for Roblox’s animation creator is Linear, which always has the same consistent speed which makes it look like a robot, which if your looking for natural animations, you don’t want.

Roblox’s animation creator has only three tween schemes which are linear, sine (I think) and constant. To talk about Sine tweens, first I need to talk about In and Out.
In and Out change the way the Tween starts, In makes the start of the tween slow until it gets up to its main speed, while Out does the Negative. So it starts fast and then slows down. Which this is how Sine works. Starts slow or fast (Depends on the in/out setting) and ends fast or slow.
While constant snaps to the next keyframe. You don’t actually see the parts moving, they just snap to the next keyframe position.

But, you get a whole wide range of Tweens by using the Moon Animator 2 plugin.

It allows you to use all tweens that Roblox provides, which are mostly the same other than Bounce, Elastic and Back.

Bounce mimics the way objects bounce, Elastic acts sort of a elastic rubber band, which is a great way to mimic a launching action.

And back moves normally like most other Tweens like Sine until the end (Or start, dont forget about In and Out) Which it will actually go slightly further out than you set the actual part position which it will set to after just a second (This varies on how close or far you have the keyframes set)

You can use this link to learn a bit more about tweens

Hope this helps. This is not where near everything, but it should cover things that I personally like to avoid which is sloppy and sluggish animation that takes WAY to much time to complete the actual animation.

Anyways, bye!