Learning Blender Animating, What Do You Think?

Hi, I’m Agent, I would appreciate if you could give me a honest feedback or some tips.

The first video is done and the second am I trying to improve. I have been working on these for the last few days.


The first one isnt that bad but the second one looks too linear so try editing the proggress curves using the dopesheet editor(sorry if I got some term names wrong Im not too familiar with animating part of blender)

But on both of them you should make the viewmodel closer to the camera or make them bigger as they look to small


Thank you for the feedback I appreciate it.


Use the Blender Graph editor. I personally only started animation in Blender (1-2 months ago) and when I started using it my animations turned to this kinda quality.

To explain, the graph editor allows you to create smaller movements based on the ones around it using a curve. I hope that kinda clears it up, I’m bad at explaining


I’m trying to learn graph editor but its a bit more advanced than the normal dope sheet system.

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I believe the guns are rather small, although the animations do look good :+1:

Yeah I noticed that when I first imported it into blender and I didnt really care to change it.

Looks pretty simple for the first time, nothing specific. Don’t forget to use this one thing image