Learning Inverse kinematics, the problem is I cant seem to fix this bug

Here is a video of what is going on:

The right arm always seems to go in the wrong place. I tried to inverse the position but nothing seemed to work.

I also tried to rotate the arms in a certain angle and that seemed to just break the joint where it connects. I have not found any resources on this topic that can help with what I am currently doing. I have read the forum posts by other developers and it explained the basics of it. But this is something I am trying to do on my own.

If you take the place file the module is in replicated storage, and the script that controls everything is called ArmsManager in workspace.

Any help would be nice, i cant seem to find help anywhere else so turning to developer forums seems to really be my only choice/answer at this point in time.

Here is the place file due to the size of the scripts/modules:
IK test place.rbxl (182.0 KB)

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Sorry that it took a while for a reply. I looked through your code and it, unfortunately, was very hard to understand and a bit confusing. Especially the “FindEndPosition” function was mostly unused and excessive. It also wasn’t very dynamic in terms of Inverse Kinematics. I’ve attached a place file that is much easier to use and has variables (such as maximum arm length and customizable segment pieces). I may have accidentally left some of your unused code in the framework module, but now only 1 loop controls the entire solving of the IK system.

However, I ran out of time before I could finish the final part of the IK implementation. The “anchoring” part where you move the joint system back to its original anchored position (so it doesn’t leave the primary arm piece next to the body).

If you aren’t able to get that done by tomorrow I should be able to return and lend a hand.

IK test place.rbxl (182.4 KB)

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Thank you, sorry I had irl things to deal with. I will take a look at it.

I cant seem to figure out how to angle the arms down to make it look more natural. Any tips on doing that? Also this is for an fps game. I cant seem to parent it to camera without it breaking. Is there any resources on the forums that can help me with this sort of thing? As I cannot find anything that I could understand.