Learning Scripting

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to ask you guys how all of you learnt how to script, also how long it took you and things you would suggest that would help me learn quicker, my goal is to be advanced within 3 months, I don’t know if this is possible or not but it’s go big or go home. I am a very good builder but want to take my game development to the next level. I would say I have a basic knowledge of scripting.

I would really appreciate anyone who responds and gives me tips.


Hello! It took me the first month for me to make an actual simple obby game.

My first tip to progress faster is to learn the basics of programming. This includes variables, OOP (Object Oriented Programming), debugging, and there’s more. This would help you in a long way and make you learn other things easier.

My second tip is-this may be obvious- don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help! Obviously, you won’t know everything but, there’s people who could help you learn and even reinforce your programming skills, we won’t bite.

Third tip is take a break when you need it, mental breaks are important because they could help you rest, and if you don’t take a break, you might lose motivation/burnout to progress further or restrict yourself.

Fifth tip is to keep notes on what you learned! In case if you do forget what to do then your notes will come and refresh your mind. Although, I never did this but, I know people who had so why not include it.

Sixth tip is don’t be sad if you don’t make it big for your first couple of games, I’ve seen people be demotivated because they don’t make it big, this causes them to not learn programming further. I know because this happened to me but I pushed further.

If other people have more tips then please add on or if you think some these tips aren’t useful then please tell me!


This is really nice of you to reply and give me a lot of tips, most of it is in the mind, mentally it is draining but just got to push through like you said. Thank you very much.


I learned from examples from robloxs code completion thing when it came out and started progressing on my own and using these forums and also googling stuff because I was able to quickly find answers to my questions and learn things.

Some small tips:

  • Having examples of code that you can read that accomplish certain things can help you remember in the future how to use those parts of those examples to accomplish tasks that you are working on.
  • Taking small short tutorials that don’t tell you what to do line by line, but explain what certain things do, like what certain events would be triggered by, as an example.

Also I would say that it’s probably possible, to go to an advanced level in three months, but you would have to devote lots of time to learning different things. Also I give up a lot on projects because of stupid bugs in code that I have sometimes and how ridiculously impossible it feels to fix it because lots of time one bug leads to another and so on and then hours have passed by the time you finally think of a Possible solution to fix it.

I don’t know if what I said would help you as much, because people learn in lots of different ways. But what I do helps me a lot.

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Source code of other projects that I’ve learned from previous game or other games

I’ve had a lot of places that contain scripts of what they do and how it’s made, not every game had a piece of code that handles things as i didn’t know much during the experiments on scripting, after i get used to lua i just try to make a game but couldn’t make a game handler for example, in order for me to do this i have to search for a tutorial on how to create a round based game and implement it my own way, This is how i usually master my scripting skill as it introduces me a lot of objects/methods and the use of them. for those reading here, it isn’t recommended to create places and abandon them, this floods the entire list a lot so saving it as a file for further check would be better or just focus on one game

getting into tutorial (about how to do things that explains in-depth in scripting, not an installation guide of free models) can also help with how developers make a game or a feature, one of the example is using raycast to place or make a pointer for tower or a TweenService to create a buttons and handling UI.

but another reminder that this so called way of learning should be done after getting into a basic/immediate of lua if you really want to master with scripting.


Hi! Thats a great question, I learned to script by looking at the code in models. I also watched the youtuber AlvinBlox! He is a great youtuber and you should check him out if you want to code! Its very frustrating at first but once you master it you can make any game you want! Hope this helped and good luck on your journey!

I just started re-learning again, I can tell you what my current process for learning is:

  • Utilizing the new AI Roblox made for code completion, understand what it’s outputting
  • Referencing my old code, I have a place where I store all my functional scripts for small projects
  • Referencing the documentation, this is where I mainly learn as it’s extremely helpful
  • Occasionally I browse youtube to get ideas for new projects, I try to finish one project before moving onto another
  • In the beginning I looked for free models that had similar functionalities I wanted to implement, I attempted to create the functionality first before I looked at the free model’s code

Hopefully one of these will help you like it did for me. Good luck!

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Hey! Its definitely possible to do!

Don’t start big like a tower defence game or something. Try to make a mini game or mini-games.

If you ever run in a issue you can post them here at DevFourm we can always help!

Never Give UP! There is always a way either re-making the script or going around it!

Oh and don’t ask chatGPT code! Ai usually adds different stuff but there are a lot of ways!
I guess you could use Roblox assistant if you need a quick answer!

I have used ChatGPT my self and it was just wasting my time trust me.
Good luck with your journey :cowboy_hat_face: