Learning to make a simple gun in Blender

What your thought on these gun?
My third attempt to make a simple rifle.


Looks pretty good, may need a bit of little touches, but looks good!


Looks good! Great job! I can barely even make anything in blender lol.


This gun looks like the Phantom from Valorant.
but uhm this is decent.


How the hell do you read my mind 0-0

texture it!!!
the modelling isn’t great mag is too short and too wide the stock has some weird modelling and connectivity the muzzle kind of doesn’t fit on and yea ig?

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Thank,Im improve that.
I’ll try to make other Valo gun later

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Looks very nice. If you add in some colours and if it was seen in first person then you’ve made a nice looking gun.
If you want it in 3rd person maybe edit the back and things.

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Nice job for a beginner model. As a beginner-intermediate modeller myself, that’s not a bad job if you have barely ever modelled before, even if this is your third attempt. I do have some tips for you, and some tutorials to guide you through.

To start off with, always use reference images, and find some blueprints if you can as well! This is important, especially when you want to get the shape and proportions of objects right. Start off with what you think best resembles the shape of the object you want to create a mesh for. You can use multiple different meshes if needed.

The Boolean modifier is very useful when you need to create holes in meshes, like in the usual gun models, however you should be careful of any messes caused by them.
Like this.

(this is on an older version of Blender (2.79 or older) but you should still get the point.)

It’s a good idea to clean up your mesh after applying the Boolean modifier and convert N-gons back into quads for good topology and edge flow.

If you don’t know, Quads are basically faces created by four vertices on a mesh. An N-gon is, well, a single face made up of more than four vertices. N-gons are problematic, especially when using subdivision modelling, and they generally cause bad topology and don’t flow very well.

The Auto-Smooth option on the Mesh normals settings is useful for separating some smooth edges over sharp angles, because it lets you control the smoothing angle (basically any angles of faces will be considered smooth under that specified number)

You can also learn more of the basic fundamentals of Blender modelling, and make a chair model on this really great tutorial series from Blender Guru (I advise you to watch his beginner donut tutorial if you are absolutely unfamiliar with Blender)

I have more things to say in mind, but I don’t know how to explain them, and I can’t really bother to spend extra time writing this post (I already spent 30+ minutes on it), so yeah, sorry if you still don’t understand stuff.



tried another via UV editing
i messed up with the texture sheet
Minima Bullpup i th3nk

That looks nice also however the back ammunition case would look nicer curved towards the front of the gun.

Edit: Actually it looks fine.

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It hard for me to make it shape well.

Ty for anoth3r tips and adv1c3

I made a new oneScar-l No stock

Looks good for a low-poly rifle. It looks really good.

Only change I recommend:
Please connect both ends of the trigger guard (i think that’s what it’s called?)

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Yes,it called Trigger Guard of the gun.
for me,it hard to connect thing in Blender since im still new to this,

Dude that looks mega cool! I am still stuck in making block figures in blender lolz

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Wow, really cool! I just made my first gun yesterday! Keep up the great work!

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Another gun because why not.

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low polt bazooka
made some low poly baz00ka