Learning to program

Hello! I am kevman599, I have an interest in learning to program and become an advanced programmer, but I don’t know how to start. I need some suggestions on where I can start learning.

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This has been asked so many times, but heres resources.



Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it!

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To start any learning you will need to learn how to script even computer commands before getting started into proper roblox studio scripting. The easiest way is to learn the programming language python as this is basically the same as roblox scripting. Here are some links -

To get a python scripting program you can use a download link or use online -

download python https://thonny.org/

use on online python Python Online Compiler & Interpreter - Replit

After choosing one , you have to learn the basics - you do not need to watch the whole video but recommend about 2 hours.

After learning that you can start learning roblox scripting :slight_smile:

This guy is really good and there are different topics on what you want to script and how. Look around !

Hope this helped , Thanks Bart.


Thank you so much, greatly appreciated!

Honestly I highly disagree. Learning about another language before understanding the studio and rbxlua is a waste of time. It’s true that python is somewhat similar to lua, but why on earth would you learn something you’re never gonna use. In fact I think python will create a bigger confusion for someone who just started. Main reason, it’s not the same as developing a game, no api, no objects to interact with, which is different from studio and you end up just writing code using a texteditor or an IDE rather than a game engine. Starting straight away with the studio is waaay better.


I very much disagree with this. I believe starting in studio is fine as long as you begin with the basics. Learning how to practically program first will help put the skills to use. Afterward, you don’t even have to watch videos to see the basics like this, you would already know them.

In fact, I believe learning how to interact with a computer directly would be even more difficult than just starting studio. A game engine is an all in one experience, you only have to deal with the internal environment that has been set up. It may be a lot more difficult for a beginner to wrap their head around how code interacts with computers.

Also not to mention, starting out the way you suggested is just boring. I see this all-time in computer classes. Kids come in wanted to learn how to game dev, and the teacher bores them with “the basics”. And I am one of those people who very much believe in fundamentals. Learning in Roblox Studio first will boost your motivation. Visually seeing your self succeeding is a lot cooler than watching some text come up in a terminal.

Also starting out with Python to get into Roblox is kind of useless. Roblox Lua is already a high-level programming language that is easy to understand. Once you get into Roblox development, you will slowly increase your understanding of computers, computer hardware, servers, networking, etc. Then you will be able to more easily understand how to do more outside of Roblox Studio.


For sure, I mentioned a similar thing in my post. It’s just a lot more immersive to learn how to use an API and stuff first rather then starting with the very basics. I’d imagine someone would only be confused when they get to Roblox wondering how to start doing stuff.

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Thank you so much! This is very helpful. do you have any links to learn the basics?

If you do need any help, my messages are always wide open.

I disagree on that unfortunately. If you go straight into it then you have no knowledge and you are just copying what people do on the internet. If you are just going to copy then what is the point if you can’t make anything yourself if you have not idea what the script even means and where to look if there is a problem with your script.

Python is the same as roblox scripting as it works the same. The roblox scripting is based on python.

Taking time learning python really helps. It not all about the quicker you do it then the better. People who don’t learn then it just wasting their time in my opinion.

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Thank you very much! I will definitely reach you if I need help. :+1:

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I’d suggest starting with AlvinBlox tutorials and beginner tutorials on the Developer Hub. But seriously… I highly recommend against @bartekx2007x solutions.

Not to be disrespectful when I say that, I just see no logical reason for starting with Python. You’d just be going backward in progress when you switch to Roblox Studio.


Honestly, I think becoming able to search on your own is a mjor step. Try to look for stuff that satisfies your needs. Finding resources to learn from is just one google search away from you, so go do it. You can as well wonder around discord servers or other communities to provide you with resources.

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The roblox scripting is based on python.

Not correct, lua was never inspired by python, in fact it is older than python AFAIK.

This doesn’t make sense, how is learning what roblox offers and how to develop considered copying. Doesn’t that just mean that learning python is also copying people? Most people started their programming careers in roblox.

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Okay, well I am going to start learning right away! Thanks again guys! :grinning:

How so? What would one do starting out with Python?

print("This line will be printed.")

Roblox Lua
print("This line will be printed")

You have to learn the basics either way. And regardless of what language you start with, you will start by copying, testing, and then learning.

And when learning the basics what is more fun:
Python terminal:
Output: 10

Or a more practical use:
Roblox Lua

local number = 5+5
frame.Text = number

Output: Text will be 10.

This is plain wrong. Also if something is the same as something else, why learn the part you won’t use?

I didn’t start with Python. I am sure many people didn’t start with Python. I am doing fine, and I am sure other are too. And if we are talking better. Learning Roblox Lua right away is better and quicker. Best of both worlds.

@kevman599 I seriously suggest you start with Roblox Lua, AlvinBlox is an excellent resource.

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I just started watching the videos. Thanks!

I’ve done this thrice before

@kevman599 Hey I’ve got some resources for you

Here’s another website that deals with Questions about Roblox Lua


Thank you. Very much appreciated!