Learning to render for Roblox on Blender


Hi there! I’m go to start learning to use Blender to render pretty basic things for Roblox. I was wondering if you guys could point me to some useful assets and tutorials.

I think all tutorials probably have modelling aspects, but I’m just interested in the rendering, so if you know of tutorials which just teach you the rendering bits, that’ll be ideal, otherwise I’ll just skip over the modelling.



Personally I experimented and taught myself how to use Blender with the help of some video tutorials like these:

If you need more help I would be more than happy to show you some stuff and give you advice! It’s a matter of practice was what I found out, I kept making renders and I eventually got better at them over time.


That’s awesome. I personally learned blender before I transitioned to c4d. Which makes better looking renders and is less complex but takes hours to set up, whereas blender automatically loads in your textures.

There are many great tutorials on youtube. It’s a fast process to, I believe on blender it takes 5-10 minutes to render a character. It’s a more powerful engine than C4d and it takes time to learn. I would personally try C4d as it makes better renders and is less complex, but whatever is easier for you!


Rendering speed is solely up to the amount of triangles, faces, etc in the scene along with your PC specs(which determine the processing power for the render) If you have a graphics card by the way I highly recommend using it for renders.


I personally don’t recommend watching Roblox themed Blender tutorials, as most of these tutors are young, inexperienced and aren’t fully capable of working with these programs themselves. You risk learning things the wrong way and it can take a lot of time to get that misinformation out of your system.

You have some great channels like Blender Guru, CG Geek, Tutor4u, Gleb Alexandrov, CG Masters and more more that cover various basic tutorials that anyone can follow. That’s probably the best place to start.


I agree, however for the basics like importing/exporting to ROBLOX I found those useful, as well as learning how to do stuff like making the render background transparent, etc.

In general I found Blender Guru really useful to watch especially his blender Beginner Series for modelling. He has his own way of getting the viewer to engage with what he’s saying/doing, however his videos can range from 20-40 minutes long.